A Series of Sunsets

When I started this blog and declared that things would be happening, I was so full of inspiration. I really thought that this would be the year that I finished my first novel, and like always, my job and family obligations have gotten in the way.

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot of things that I’ve set my mind to in my life, so, why can’t I get a handle on this one? I’m actually starting to think maybe I should take the hint, that anything this difficult is maybe not the right endeavor for me.

See, like how I wiggled out of having to stick to this goal and really work toward it?

Realizing that I’ve turned into a person who whines about her busy life and her inability to get anything done makes my head hurt, but, my days are all the same. Wake up, take care of the kids, work a little in the moments in between diapers and lunches and playing and then BOOM. The sun sets and I spend a few tired hours winding down before bed and the day is done.

I always have good intentions for squeezing in more on the next day, but it never happens. Ever.

The worst part right now, is that I signed up for a very expensive writing workshop to help get my butt in gear and I’m already so behind in the assignments that it’s embarrassing. I’m not sure if I should give up or keep powering through and try to catch up this weekend.

I am really just down on myself, and also disgusted with myself FOR BEING DOWN ON MYSELF. Not a great cycle, really!

Have you ever felt that life was getting in the way of a big goal? Did you end up giving up or pressing forward?

Prompt for this post via Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, where I’m also linked-up this week.

  • http://www.mommablogsalot.com/ Jennifer E

    I totally feel your frustrations! I have a terrible time trying to write anything real or interesting when the kids are home / awake / breathing lol which is most of the time. Try to cut yourself some slack though, someday you WILL have more time to write (or you won’t, and that’s okay, too!!)

  • Stacie Nason

    Yes! I am in the midst of this struggle myself and I don’t have any answers…

  • http://thesceniclife.com Stacey @ The Scenic Life

    Yes, I have felt this way MANY times. For me, having my 5 kids over a span of 13 years has meant a certain level of frustration – I’m 40 and soooo ready to finally get on with some of these big life goals, but…I still have a 6 year old (and even though the older kids are teens, they still require a lot of time/attention, too)! I sometimes relate it to feeling like an enthusiastic puppy tied up to a stake in the yard. I spy something that I want to chase after, but a few eager strides towards it, and I’m yanked back to reality. I don’t mean to sound bitter – because, honestly, I’m not – but if we’re just being honest, I struggle with “life” getting in the way sometimes, too!

  • mamakatslosinit

    I SO wish I could get everything done that I dream of getting done in a day. Why do our bodies need sleep? It’s a really annoying human quality. The thing with the jobs we get online is that we can never be TOO secure with our paychecks…I have a hard time turning anything down because I can’t trust that there will be another opportunity looming. Also I’m greedy. And of course our families and homes get the rest of us…what is sacrificed are the fun projects we would love to pour ourselves into. I feel it too. I don’t know what the answer is…I wonder if deep down a part of us actually prefers to be busy/over extended.