Always Almost There

Last night, my 4-year-old told me that he can’t wait to be a grown-up.

I smiled when he said it, then reassured him that being a kid is pretty much the best thing ever, and that he would be an adult and free to use “sharp tools like Dad” at his leisure, soon enough.

Even though I have no desire to press fast forward on the aging process (or use sharp tools), I do still have that nagging feeling that life could be a little better if certain items were checked off my to-do list.

We need to finish renovating the house, get our finances in order and I need a serious food and exercise intervention. When I was in my twenties, it was this feeling of needing to be married, buy a home and have a million babies.

If I was a little skinnier. If our car was a little better. If my student loans were paid off.


I cant figure out if it’s the constant push toward these little goals in life that actually propel me, or, if always looking ahead makes me less appreciative of the now, in this moment.

When shall we live if not now?—M.F.K. Fisher

Even if every big and little item on my invisible list of to-do’s suddenly got done, I know that it would always be something else distracting me from living more fully in the moment.

I’m not going to chuck the list, but, I’m going to make an effort to dig-in a little more to each day as it comes.

This is the best today I’ll ever have. (Tweet this!)

If I don’t enjoy it and appreciate it, well, that’s my loss.

Do you ever get wrapped-up in the things you feel that you need to accomplish?

  • Tiffany C.

    I do, then I stop what I’m doing, look at what I do have and what I have accomplished and I try to relax and just live in the moment. It’s hard to do though when I have a to-do list that is never ending.

    • Crissy Page

      It’s always something, right? Trying to put the to-do list in a mental-drawer as much as possible.

  • Kristen @ My 3 Little Kittens

    I am wrapped up in regret. It is like a constant running tally in my head that plays throughout the day. So many ifs that can’t be changed, re-lived, etc. It is a mental torture at times almost…hehe However, I look back at the ifs of the past and realize I took so many wonderful things for granted. It wasn’t intentional or even recognized at the time, but as Dr. Seuss says ….”You Will Never Know the Value of a Moment Until It Becomes a Memory.”

    • Crissy Page

      Love that quote, so true!

  • Laurie Varga

    I’m totally with your son on this one. Not everyone likes being a kid and it’s not the “best time of your life” across the board. Yeah, using “sharp tools like dad” is totally cool and way better than fake, plastic tools.

    • Crissy Page

      That’s true, there are several phases of childhood that you couldn’t pay me to revisit. It’s my job as his mom to help him feel like every phase is awesome, though. :) Sharp tools are a great motivator!

      • Laurie Varga

        Interesting that you say it’s your job to “help him feel like every phase is awesome.” Somewhere in there is a delicate balance between teaching your son to be comfortable where he is right now and yet also acknowledging his feelings of frustration that he can’t do something until he’s older.

        I know for myself that being told to “enjoy being a kid” when i was young really didn’t help at all. It only made me feel wrong and invalidated.

        • Crissy Page

          If telling my 4-year-old that he’ll be old enough for sharp tools soon, and that being a kid is awesome, somehow invalidates or diminishes his feelings, well, I guess I’m screwing up royally as a mother. That sounds about right.

          I know that I didn’t lose any sleep or feel belittled when my parents told me to enjoy being a child.

          Of course, I didn’t require any therapy for being fed the Santa lie, either.

  • Stacie

    All the time. One one thing gets completed another one just pops up for me to do. The cycle never ends.

  • thefrugalette

    My latest post (and I say that loosely lol) is all about the push to get everything done on a to do list, and then what? What is all the rush to get everything done for? Why are we in such a hurry with life. I’m totally at a point of slowing down as much as possible, the kids are growing so fast, I don’t want to ever regret not slowing down to enjoy it. Love your new space. xx

  • Jodi

    My oldest used to say she couldn’t wait until she was older either. I told her she needed to enjoy just being a kid. She’s 10 now. The do grow way too fast! And yes, I tend to get very engrossed in what I am doing…especially those that I love!

    By the way, I cannot believe you started a third blog! When do you find the time?! I know it will be just as wonderful as the other two. Looking forward to watching it grow.